Being a responsible corporate citizen, iFINTELL has started free workshop series titled ‘finance for startups series’ to reach and teach startups all the essentials of finance necessary to be successful. The idea is to empower startups as well as the students who are enthusiastic about starting their own business. Because finance is one of the crucial ingredients for startups; it starts from the funding when the business needs to assure the investors that it has a practical financial planning and tells the accurate story of business corresponding to its financial needs. Along the way, precise knowledge in finance is essential for business sustainability and growth.


Bearing in mind the decisive role of finance in business success and relying on our expertise in the area, we have started educating those who need it and for FREE! We will consider ourselves gratified if our efforts help in their business and impact the society at large.


Currently, iFINTELL is collaborating with World Startup Festival (WSF) to organize the talk series according to the following schedule:


Event TitleDate
iFINTELL-WSF Finance Essentials for Startups 1.0March 8, 2019
iFINTELL-WSF Finance Essentials for Startups 2.0June 25, 2019
iFINTELL-WSF Finance Essentials for Startups 3.0September 4, 2019
iFINTELL-WSF Finance Essentials for Startups 4.0November 26, 2019

About Our Company

iFINTELL operates as a registered company in UK as iFINTELL Ltd. and iFINTELL Business Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia (1260329-T).


The company provides support for researchers, academicians and industry players to excel in their research and development work through research and data consultancy and collaboration.

We believe that we have the right expertise and tools to nurture the human potential to go a step further. Our training, consultancy, services and solutions aim to empower people with the right know-how and groom to unleash their inner potential. We have the ability and passion to acclimatize the most recent advancements in the market, as a step towards encouraging individuals to be change makers in the society. For us, information is the most powerful weapon for sustainable growth and development. Thus, in this era of information and technology we are striving to make impact through the integration of intelligence.