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The company also provides advisory services for better management of wealth and fund. Principally, the company’s financial consultancy services include –

Financial Planning

Financial planning is very critical for business sustenance and success. Such successes are much dependent on proper use of available financial information and integrate in planning. iFINTELL apt at exploiting the data in productive way, thus offer expert help to the clients to achieve business goal being an independent associate with advanced tools and techniques.

Financial Process Excellence

There is always a room for improvement if we strive for the excellence. As the company is always committed to cope up with the continuous change in the marketplace, we want to share the latest know-how to our clients to maintain excellent business progression. With the advanced financial data analytics and intelligence our assistance is always there to improve the financial process and maintain business growth in turn.

Ongoing Consultation

We value the long-term relationship with our clients and inspired to stand by side in their need. Therefore, our consultation is not a ‘one-shot’ service rather constant. The company wishes to help in financial issues in the beginning and carry on the support on contingency.

Islamic Financial Advisory

Our company has the specialization in Islamic financial issues and services. In the contemporary market a number of conventional advisory firms operate. However, Shari’ah rulings are very delicate and people often find it frustrating with diverse jurisprudence in financial dealings. iFINTELL is principally dedicated to provide proper rigorous counselling for those who seek help Islamic financial dealings and transactions. Our specialization in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence make the consultative works more consistent and robust.