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Data Analytics

iFINTELL data analytics services are aim to solve clients’ multifaceted needs. We aid in dealing with complex and large scale financial data. This segment of our service is catered specially for the businesses and commercial entities to manage businesses proficiently data analytics and business intelligence tools. Services the company provide include –Empirical Model Development, Calibration and OptimizationWe combine the knowledge in statistics and empirical modelling with technologies, applications and practices for the assortment, assimilation and analysis of business information to develop models for businesses and entities. Also we help in calibrating and elevating the prevailing models to comply with the concurrent business environment.


Business forecasting is a critical part to stay successful in the industry and we understand the need of reliable forecasting. So extend our data analytics services to support business clients by using latest technology and information to envision the future challenge and prospect.

Business Intelligence for Betterment

With the rapid development of technology business requires enhanced integration for advancement. Integration with Financial knowledge and analytics, in particular, can be a powerful agent of organizational change sitting at the information nexus of the organization. iFintelll purposes to be the right synchronization with its gen in finance, quantitative analysis, analytics and intelligence to support business and organizations in need