Islamic Financial Intelligence Database

One of the focus area of iFINTELL is to provide exclusive services for the Islamic Financial Market. The company understands that there is a ‘big gap’ exists in the availability of authentic Islamic data for research, prudent practice of Shari’a based business and rapid development in the business. Thus iFINTELL is envisioned to provide the most comprehensive financial information and intelligence on Islamic financial institutions from all over the world that cover Islamic banks, Takaful companies and Islamic investment funds. Through the development of a comprehensive database, the company want to bridge the gap and committed to help Islamic Financial Market to excel.The database will contain up to date data of the stated entities since their inception. By doing so iFINTELL promise to be a one-stop-for-all digitized database of all the Islamic financial institutions and their financials as well as a publisher of regular industry reports with the latest data and information.

About Our Company