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Research Intelligence

iFINTELL offers comprehensive support for researchers and academicians to excel in their research and development work. We believe in forming strong partnerships with the academia by offering something ‘more’ for the academic fraternity to go beyond its limits.

Research Design

iFINTELL provides assistance in developing comprehensive research plans for interested clients. With the help of subject matter experts, our research team strives to assist clients in preparing their research outline, budget, timeline, study rationale, modelling and methodology, as well as in finding collaborators and partners, with the aim to improve the quality of clients’ research.

Data Collection and Processing

We help to collect and process various types of data to assist clients in this daunting task. Our access to diverse databases; and our competency in developing survey questionnaires and in collecting data through questionnaire surveys, interviews and focus group surveys provide quality assurance and comfort to clients. In addition, we help to handle and process raw data to ensure that the data can be easily analysed and provide a better fit to the research model.


Statistical Modeling

We work with clients to construct the appropriate model and mathematical equations which provide the best fit in analysing the arising research issues. Our statistical modelling services include the full spectrum of model identification and selection, formulation, bootstrapping and cross-validation. We utilise a number of advanced statistical software packages to help us with the analyses, such as SPSS, Statistix, AMOS, STATA, Eviews, Microfit, R language, Python & MATLAB.

Result Interpretation and Presentation

Our subject matter experts aim to help clients to successfully interpret and report statistical findings which would help accomplish the task of drawing inferences while enhancing the usefulness of research findings. We also offer our expertise in preparing sophisticated and customised graphs, diagrams, charts and infographics. Furthermore, we help to format write-ups using Latex and organise references using Endnote, Mendeley, etc to make the final research reporting appear flawless and professional.