iFINTELL is collaborating its partner Salihin Shariah Consultancy to offer Islamic Finance Intelligence as a part of the company’s commitment towards creating meaningful impact through integration and intelligence. The Islamic Intelligence series aims to provide insights and intelligence for the Islamic financial market through extensive research and data analysis.

There are four market segments where the project is currently focusing, namely, Sukuk market, Halal market, Takaful market and Zakat market bearing in mind the importance of these sectors and dire need of proper outlook to provide insights to the market players as well as academicians. The project is expecting to come out with reports and related publications beneficial for those who are concerned and planning to organize workshop to elucidate issues to have greater benefits.


In order to face industry revolution 4.0, the traditional way of structuring sukuk is now shifted towards technology-based. The industry now is forced to develop an innovative sukuk which using technology as its platform. This project is to provide comprehensive  review of industry practices and data analytics regarding sukuk prospects and its development.

  • To elaborate the existing structure and essential legal documentation of sukuk in Islamic capital market.
  • To analyse and pinpoint the factors associated with high performance of sukuk in the market.
  • To develop understanding and skill of the participant regarding sukuk pricing, valuation, structuring, documentation, and sukuk analytical tools.
  • To identify disruptive technologies in sukuk development and innovation.

The result of this project will be precious for industry practitioners since this project involves in sukuk structure innovation, technology, and data analytics which are brightly highlighted nowadays since industry revolution 4.0.